Tuesday, June 21, 2011

WLF on the road!

I had the pleasure and honor to do the wedding flowers for my dear friends Ambur and James this last weekend in Sonora, CA. My wonderful husband helped pick up everything from the flower mart on the way out of town Friday and we got up to Sonora around 5pm. Stayed up late with the help of some wonderful friends, got up early enough to enjoy some downtime, and set up for the wedding. I love doing flowers for weddings that I am also a guest at, because you get to enjoy them so much longer!

Here are some photos of the set up:
Ambur loves yellow and blue and daisies and sunshine so we went with a yellow, white, and blue theme for the flowers. Lots of daisies of course, and some delphinium, thistles, and cornflower for the blue.
Bouquets in a bucket:

And on with the wedding photos!

Beautiful bride
The groom wore white! It's a long lived family tradition.
One of 27 table arrangements!
Cupcake tower
And two different bouts. I did 14 bouts and 4 corsages!
Shaunie and Matt, friends in the wedding party
We had a wonderful time and were so happy to be a part of the celebration. Best wishes Ambur and James!