Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Flower class #4

Last night was our second to last flower class... I'm going to miss it! We'll have to take another, or set up our own flower arranging weekly get together. Ooh, that actually sounds like a great idea... wine, food, friends, everyone brings a bunch of random flowers and we see what we can make! I think I just struck oil.
Here's what I made last night! Fun colors.

Check out the calla lilies! I've never seen this variety before, but they are gorgeous. Sort of half leaf, half flower. And you know I love me some succulents...

Mandy, post yours!!
Okay! Here's mine (Mandy's)!

I love you Trader Joe's

Gorgeous pink and white speckled spray roses that I picked up from TJ's this week... such a deal for $5.99!