Thursday, October 14, 2010

New website! Sort of...

We Like Flowers just got itself a website! Right now it's just a splash page with our fun new logo that links to this blog, our new email addresses ( and, and a questionnaire for people interested in us doing their wedding flowers. We will do other events and smaller scale arrangements too of course, but weddings are the complicated shindigs that would necessitate a full questionnaire!

Next up, business cards!

Big THANKS to Matt Groller for designing our logo and Jerod Rasmussen for the website help!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

We're back!

We're working on a new website, a few potential gigs, and lovely fall flowers! Mandy and I got together today and made a few fun arrangements with flowers from Trader Joe's and the local Conroy's. All these fall flowers got us scheming about the Thanksgiving cornucopia we plan on making. Exciting!

Here was the first one Mandy made, I like the asymmetrical look she went with:

I made this little butterball in the fishbowl vase:

I copied Mandy's asymmetrical look with this one, which was kind of impossible not to do with that gigantic feathery sunflower on one side. I stuck one of the baby squashes from the garden in it to break up some of the yellow.

Mandy looped the grass pieces and stuck them into the side of this one which I really think added some pizzazz. 

The next two Mandy made with the leftovers, I love them. I'm a fan of little arrangements in ceramic vessels. This white one is from IKEA in the kitchen section (for holding utensils presumably), I think they'd be great for table arrangements at a wedding. Cute, and like $4 each!

And my precious little owl from Anthropologie... With a fall flower hat!